About Us

Accu-Rite History

Don has over 30 years of frame straightening experience; he knows what it takes to fix something right. He started Accu-Rite Truck Frame and Suspension Specialties in 2005 because Don knows the importance of having the newest technology in heavy-duty frame straightening equipment. That combined with Don’s extensive frame and suspension knowledge provides you with an accurate frame repair.

Don and Mike understand what treating the customer right means that is why they decided to set themselves apart at Accu-Rite Truck Frame and Suspension Specialties in Germantown, WI. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

A little about Don . . .
When Don started in the frame and axle straightening business in 1981, he learned it from the ground up, literally. Don is not a stranger to old school methods. He learned under the tutelage of someone he respected and admired for years. After a short time, he went beyond that to designing his own tools and accessories to improve on those tired, old methods. As truck frame technology improved, he knew more changes were needed. At Accu-Rite Truck Frame and Suspension Specialties, you will experience the future of frame repair.

A little about Mike . . .
To provide a wider range of services Don brought Mike onboard to supplement with his experience replacing king pins, performing alignments, replacing chassis components, brake system work, shocks, struts, tires, and more.

Together Don and Mike can provide a full compliment of chassis-related services for your vehicle. And while our business card says “From Pick-ups to Peterbilts”, Mike can work on your SUV, van, or car too.

Axle-Rite History

A while back Don recognized another need in the truck repair community – there had to be an easier, faster way to repair worn axle eyes. For a long time the only option was to take the axle out and be at the mercy of a machine shop for days or weeks. He knew that if he and Mike were having this problem, other truck repair facilities as well as owner-repairers were too. Since Don is always looking for ways he can provide his customers with better service, when a better solution was developed by Stemco-Kaiser, he jumped on the chance to invest in the best solution, and Axle-Rite™ was born.

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