Axle-Rite Service Map

  • Wobbly steering
  • Unexplainable tire-wear
  • Alignment issues
  • Repetitive king-pin replacement

Attention truck drivers! Does your rig have any of the above symptoms?

If you’ve replaced the king-pins only to improve the situation temporarily, don’t blame the king pins or your mechanic. In many cases, it may be a worn axle eye.

Finally, there is a solution to the vicious cycle. And, it does not involve replacing your axle. It does not involve extended down time. Removing the axle to have it bored at a machine shop takes too much time. Then, there is no guarantee it is going to be right.

An Axle-Rite repair is a quick and long-lasting solution for a worn steer-axle eye.

We use the only repair method for axles in the industry that makes the axle-eye stronger than it was originally.
The pre-hardened, pre-cut sleeves from Stemco Kaiser provide a quick but superior repair. Some axle-eye repair practitioners use a soft sleeve that has to be cut and fit on-site taking much longer and can wear out just as easily as the original axle.

We can come to your shop or, if more convenient for you, we’d be glad to have you come to ours. With an appointment, it will literally be fixed in a matter of hours.

So don’t let someone else just “doctor-up” your axle. And don’t settle for temporary repair methods. Call Don at 414-852-0754 to schedule an appointment.

Attention truck mechanics! Don’t do more work and create more expense than necessary. Quick turn-around time keeps customers coming back. Removing an axle for boring and sleeving of an axle-eye takes time. And there you sit with a truck taking up valuable floor space. Why get stuck on a machine shops time-table and then potentially not get the accurate repair you hoped for. An Axle-Rite repair will make you look good. We will come to your shop and complete the repair in a quick, timely fashion.

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